What Color are your Tires?



Red, yellow, or green?!?

At RHD TIRE we follow the 2/4/6 rule.

2/32 of tread being considered legally worn out and unsafe to drive on.

4/32 of tread being the minimum amount of tread depth needed for traction in the rain.

6/32 of tread being the minimum amount of tread depth needed for traction in the snow.

The 2/4/6 rule goes hand-in-hand with the simple color-coding system almost all dealerships and shops use on their multi-point inspection forms and tread depth gauges:

  • 31UZUiCdOqL._SY355_Red indicates items that need immediate attention. (1/32-2/32 of tread)
  • Yellow indicates items that should be addressed in the near future. (3/32-5/32 of tread)
  • Green indicates no items to address. (Above 6/32 of tread depth)

As a technician or service advisor this is vital information to communicate to your customer. Every customer should leave your shop or store knowing what color their tires are and what that means to them and to their safety.

If you would like a visual aid in your service lane or lounge that will help communicate tread depths and other vital tire information please let me (Jill Richter) know. I can supply you with the these awesome trifold brochures. Please note these brochures can be customized with your Store’s logo and information, and any other message you’d like to have included.

While you are here check out the video below on tread depths and stopping distances. This is the best example of how traction is reduced as tread wears down.

Lasty, if you have any questions or comments please post them below, or feel free to send me an email.

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