Tire Tracking Incentive : Part 1. (JULY 2016)

“What gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets multiplied.” Peter Drucker

Measuring and tracking something gives you the information you need in order to make sure you actually achieve what you set out to do. This simple task can be applied to nearly everything in your day-to-day life… personal finances and budgeting, your health and diet/ exercise habits, and of course your work and career. 

So for the months of July, August, and September (2016) my request to all Ford, Lincoln, and Quick Lane stores is to track and measure tire sales, as well as, missed opportunities. 

What do I mean by missed opportunities? That would be when a customer has a need for new tires but does not purchase new tires when you recommend them. Maybe they mention not being able to afford new tires at that time; or they want to go home to discuss the purchase with their spouse… whatever the reason, make a note of this. In 1-2 weeks call that customer and simply remind them that they need new tires (as well as any other service products), and ask to schedule an appointment. And if you did not do so before… do some shopping for the customer before making the call and price out a set of tires you are confident in recommending. Inform the customer of the Low Price Tire Guarantee, as well as current rebate offers, and let the customer know how much they can save by purchasing tires from YOU!

I visit over 40 Ford, Lincoln, and Quick Lane stores and I can tell you that the best service advisors already do this. They track everything, and not just tires … they track all service products that they sell and or do not sell every single day. It’s just habit and it’s a great a habit to have! I can say that every advisor I have seen diligently track their sales and missed opportunities are successful service writers. These advisors are knowledgable, therefore they speak with confidence, they know how to demonstrate the value of their service products, and inevitably they have a loyal customer base. Before calling on a missed opportunity they take the time to do some research about the customer before they call them, review their notes about the customer, price match a set of tires (maybe even 2 or 3), and then they pick up the phone. They call with a purpose and an offer, and they ask for the customer’s business. By putting forth this effort they become more efficient, they know exactly where to go to find tires and to price match them, they increase their knowledge about a product(s) by doing some research prior to the call, and they simply practice (and eventually perfect) relationship building.

Also, by tracking their sales these advisors can see and measure the products they are great at selling and the products they are not so great at selling, and therefore work on those weaker areas while multiplying sales in their stronger areas. They know when they’ve had a great day, week, or month; they can tell you this information immediately. And they are always willing to compete with themselves… to see if they can sell more than they did last month or see if they can repeat that amazing April that they had.

success.jpgIf you manage a store, own a store, work at a store that is NOT doing this let’s change that! Start tracking TODAY! For those of you who are doing this already – keep it up!

Attached is a Tire Tracking Incentive to pass along to everyone in your service lane and or parts department that sell tires. You will want to join in on this incentive NOW (July 2016), as well as in August (I will run the same spiff in August), because come September I will have a big announcement (and prize) to see how far you have come since July, and you MUST have participated since July!!

If you have questions let me know!



JULY MISSED OPP Tracking sheet

P.S. There are no brand exclusions for this incentive. All 13 Tire brands on the ATW program count.

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