Tire Tracking Incentive : Part 3. (SEPTEMBER 2016)


Part 3 of our Tire Tracking Incentive is here and it is AWESOME!

Want to know why?!

This month (September 2016) the grand prize that will be awarded to the Service Advisor that sells and earns the most points is an iPAD MINI 4!!!!!

Other than that SUPER exciting news, this incentive is the same as Part 1 and Part 2. You still must track your tire sales and missed opportunities (if you have any). Please use the PDFs below. Then you turn your sheets in to me at the end of the month. (Easy Peasy!!!)

By now I hope that those of you participating in these incentives have found tracking your sales and missed opportunities to be just a normal part of your day and relatively easy to do! For anyone who is just joining in on the fun visit my recent post announcing the June and July winners. The winners and runner-up from those 2 months were soooooo kind to share their best practices and tips on selling tires in that write-up! AND… for more information on why tracking and measuring is important visit this post from July.


SEPTEMBER 2016 MISSED OPP Tracking sheet


Please feel free to comment or ask questions below!

P.S. Part 3 is the final installment of the Tire Tracking Incentive Series. In October I will be changing it up.

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