RACHEL DID IT AGAIN! Congratulations! Everyone check out Rachel’s tire selling and service related advice and tips below.
For those of you who missed it, Rachel also won our July incentive… click here for more tire selling advice from the lovely Rachel.

Racfullsizerender-3hel Laskowski of Hines Park Lincoln Quick Lane (SEPTEMBER INCENTIVE WINNER)

How do you find out the customer’s vehicle year make model and options?
We first ask for the customer’s name and look them up. If they are in our computer system then we have all of that information on the screen. We also go out to the vehicle and get the VIN and mileage, so either way we will have that information right away.
How do you find out your customer’s tire size?
If it is a Ford or Lincoln vehicle it is on the back of the OASIS. If it is another make then the technicians write it down on the multi-point inspection report.
Do you set a monthly goal for selling tires?
I have been setting a tire goal for myself since this July (2016) and I have been increasing the goal by 10 tires each month, so right now my monthly goal is 80.
Do you track your tire sales? Yes
What other service products do you track? Oil Changes? Batteries sold? Flushes? Etc.
I track tires, batteries, flushes, air filters, and brakes.
Do you finding tracking your sales to be helpful?
Yes! I can see where I am at with my sales each month and where I need to improve. It also helps me stay more motivated throughout the month.
Do you know what sets your store apart from your competition when it comes to selling tires?
That’s easy… the Low Price Tire Guarantee makes us the lowest price around for tires! I am currently price matching and beating Discount Tire, Walmart, and Sears most often. Our customers absolutely love this offering! Not to mention, our store it makes it very easy to do a Low Price Tire Guarantee claim.
When you sell tires that you do not stock how do you go about ordering them?
If we do not stock the tire the customer wants then we call RHD TIRE and order the tires ourselves. Then we write down those special orders in the tire order log to keep track of the purchases.
What happens if the customer cancels the tire sale?
Then we return the tires to the tire distributor we ordered them from so we receive full credit via ATW. This is when the tire order log really comes in handy because it helps us track special orders so they do not end up sitting in inventory for great lengths of time because someone simply forgot what they were for.
How do you handle tire warranty situations?
I will make an initial call to the tire manufacturer to run the situation by the technical support rep to make sure the condition is covered under warranty and find out if it will be prorated based on the tread life received. I relay this information back to the customer and if they approve then we move forward with replacing the tires. Then Jill from RHD TIRE comes in and takes care of the rest of the claim. She is awesome and always helps us out with warranty claims which we greatly appreciate!

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