The February Service Advisor Spiff Incentive winner is CHRIS DIENES from Bill Brown Ford! Way to go Chris!

Chris is a super nice, professional, and genuine guy… I would say these qualities, along with his drive to continually learn and educate himself by taking advantage of any training that is offered, contribute GREATLY to his success. He has spent over 26 years at Bill Brown Ford and has 15 years of experience in his current position… Chris has a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE when it comes to customer service and writing up vehicles, yet he still wants to learn and improve. That’s quite incredible in my opinion!

Check out what Chris had to say in my Q&A with him… he gives away a couple of tire selling secrets!!

IMG_7510Name: Chris Dienes

Dealership: Bill Brown Ford

Years at Bill Brown Ford: 26 years

Years as the Quick Lane Manager at Bill Brown Ford: 15 years

What is your favorite tire brand and why? Goodyear is definitely my favorite brand. I find that overall it’s a great tire for a great price. I also rarely have any complaints about Goodyear Tires.

If you had to choose what tire brands would you say you sell the most of and why? Since I personally prefer Goodyear Tires I find that I sell Goodyear Tires the most, and again the great price wins over a lot of customers, not to mention Goodyear offers some of the best rebates and incentives on their tires. I also sell a lot of Pirelli tires due to their great pricing and again great rebates and incentives. Last but not least I sell a lot of Michelin too due to customers who are after quality and brand recognition.

Do you inform your customers of the Low Price Tire Guarantee? HECK YES! Every single customer that comes to our Quick Lane knows that we price match.

Would you say you price match the majority of the tires you sell? Yes we price match 99% of the tires we sell! One trick we use is we actually google the tire size and type of tire, and we find all sorts of great places to price match!

Which competitors do you price match most often? Another secret I will let you all in on is Simple Tire is the often the best competitor to price match… they have the lowest price more often than not and we can save our customer’s so much money. The customers absolutely love this! If Simple Tire does not have the tire we are searching for then we use Walmart, Discount Tire, and Belle Tire.

When you do price match a tire what is the process? We (the advisors) print out the competitors price for the customer, we then apply the discount/ price adjustment and close the invoice, and then we send a copy of both to the Parts Department. Parts then uploads the claim to Tire Sales Tool.

When you are informed that a customer needs tires do you research tires and or price match before speaking to the customer? Yes I do this beforehand if the customer is NOT waiting so I am prepared when I call them. If the customer is waiting I find there is no better sales technique then to call them up to your computer and price match right in front of them. Then they have no reason to doubt you! The sale is then made immediately.

If you had to estimate, how long does it take to complete a tire sale? Starting from the time you are informed the customer needs to tires to the customer agreeing to purchase the tires.  It varies, but I would say generally it takes about 5 minutes. I show them the deal and out the door price and if they agree I create their invoice and print out the price from the competitors website and begin that process. It’s by no means hard to do and while other parts or services might be slightly easier/ faster to write up, 5 minutes is not a long length of time.

Who handles DOT registration at your dealership? The advisors do it. The techs write the new tire’s DOTs on the hard copy and we register the tires immediately on Tires Sales Tool. This process takes 2 minutes. Again, not a long time and we get it done right away.

Do you offer Tire Care to your customers? I offer TireCare to the customers who are willing to put more money into their vehicles. I do some research into the customer’s spending habits in the past and I feel the situation out. Some customers think you are selling them a useless add-on, and some customers see the value in it.

Bill Brown Ford has one of the busiest Quick Lanes that I have ever been to… what do you contribute your success to? It’s all trust! I’ve been at Bill Brown for a long time and customer’s like seeing the same faces when they stop in to your dealership. You are able to build a long-standing relationship that way. We also value our customers and we inform them of all the great incentives and offerings that are out there. Everyone who comes to our dealership is taken care of like they are family or friends.

How many repair orders does your Quick Lane write on average per day? How many do you write personally? It varies… we write about 80-110 depending on the day. Personally, I average about 30 a day.

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