Service Advisor Spiff August 2017

When replacing your customers car’s tires, price shouldn’t be the first consideration… Other factors, such as safety, grip and ride quality, should top the reasons-to-buy list.

And when the time arrives to finally replace those worn tires, the majority of consumers are not very good at doing their research to find the best fit.

In reality, no single component in a car is more critical to its stability, handling and ride quality than its tires. The right tire can even improve fuel economy and save your life.

With that said, this month I urge you to go the extra mile when recommending tires to your customers… ask questions such as: What improvements would you like to see made on your car? Maybe the customer tells you that their car is noisy especially at higher speeds, so they’d like their car to be quieter. Or they tell you they have a vibration issue. Maybe these are the very reasons your customers are visiting your lane in the first place. So take note of things such as the tread depth, check for irregular wear… is the outside half the tire 7/32 of tread, but the inside is 3/32? What brand and model are the tires? Talk to your customers and find out how many miles they drive each year. Are they leasing their current vehicle or did they purchase it and how long do they plan to drive it? By asking questions you might find out your customer drives quite a bit, likes a quiet and comfortable tire more than anything else, in the past has always preferred Michelin tires, and of course they want great traction. From there use the Tire Sales Tool or GMTireBilling or call the office staff at RHD TIRE to determine the best recommendation, and then see if you can price match that tire. Your customers want and expect the BEST tire for the LOWEST price and YOU have the ability to make that happen every time… even for the price conscience consumer who is strictly after the lowest price!

Take a look at this example made specifically for the price conscience consumer.

What Would You Buy?

What Would You Buy? (blog image)

Before even getting into the features and benefits of the 3 tires listed above, take a look at the basics. Both the Firestone and the Uniroyal come with higher mileage warranties than the Kelly tire, and they both start with more tread depth, but had you just organized these tires by lowest to highest price in Tire Sales Tool or GMTireBilling the Kelly Edge would be the least expensive and would most likely be your go to option. When you make the extra effort and search for an opportunity to price match you can save your customer money and put them into a better quality tire.

So this month I once again ask that you track your sales and submit your tracking sheets to me at the end of the month… However this month I will reward the top 5 Service Advisors, and Kelly tires will be worth only 1 point, while ALL other program brands will be worth 2 points. Please see attachment for details and let me know if you have any questions. As always thank you for all that you do! Let me know if you have any questions.


What Color are your Tires?



Red, yellow, or green?!?

At RHD TIRE we follow the 2/4/6 rule.

2/32 of tread being considered legally worn out and unsafe to drive on.

4/32 of tread being the minimum amount of tread depth needed for traction in the rain.

6/32 of tread being the minimum amount of tread depth needed for traction in the snow.

The 2/4/6 rule goes hand-in-hand with the simple color-coding system almost all dealerships and shops use on their multi-point inspection forms and tread depth gauges:

  • 31UZUiCdOqL._SY355_Red indicates items that need immediate attention. (1/32-2/32 of tread)
  • Yellow indicates items that should be addressed in the near future. (3/32-5/32 of tread)
  • Green indicates no items to address. (Above 6/32 of tread depth)

As a technician or service advisor this is vital information to communicate to your customer. Every customer should leave your shop or store knowing what color their tires are and what that means to them and to their safety.

If you would like a visual aid in your service lane or lounge that will help communicate tread depths and other vital tire information please let me (Jill Richter) know. I can supply you with the these awesome trifold brochures. Please note these brochures can be customized with your Store’s logo and information, and any other message you’d like to have included.

While you are here check out the video below on tread depths and stopping distances. This is the best example of how traction is reduced as tread wears down.

Lasty, if you have any questions or comments please post them below, or feel free to send me an email.