Service Advisor Spiff August 2017

When replacing your customers car’s tires, price shouldn’t be the first consideration… Other factors, such as safety, grip and ride quality, should top the reasons-to-buy list.

And when the time arrives to finally replace those worn tires, the majority of consumers are not very good at doing their research to find the best fit.

In reality, no single component in a car is more critical to its stability, handling and ride quality than its tires. The right tire can even improve fuel economy and save your life.

With that said, this month I urge you to go the extra mile when recommending tires to your customers… ask questions such as: What improvements would you like to see made on your car? Maybe the customer tells you that their car is noisy especially at higher speeds, so they’d like their car to be quieter. Or they tell you they have a vibration issue. Maybe these are the very reasons your customers are visiting your lane in the first place. So take note of things such as the tread depth, check for irregular wear… is the outside half the tire 7/32 of tread, but the inside is 3/32? What brand and model are the tires? Talk to your customers and find out how many miles they drive each year. Are they leasing their current vehicle or did they purchase it and how long do they plan to drive it? By asking questions you might find out your customer drives quite a bit, likes a quiet and comfortable tire more than anything else, in the past has always preferred Michelin tires, and of course they want great traction. From there use the Tire Sales Tool or GMTireBilling or call the office staff at RHD TIRE to determine the best recommendation, and then see if you can price match that tire. Your customers want and expect the BEST tire for the LOWEST price and YOU have the ability to make that happen every time… even for the price conscience consumer who is strictly after the lowest price!

Take a look at this example made specifically for the price conscience consumer.

What Would You Buy?

What Would You Buy? (blog image)

Before even getting into the features and benefits of the 3 tires listed above, take a look at the basics. Both the Firestone and the Uniroyal come with higher mileage warranties than the Kelly tire, and they both start with more tread depth, but had you just organized these tires by lowest to highest price in Tire Sales Tool or GMTireBilling the Kelly Edge would be the least expensive and would most likely be your go to option. When you make the extra effort and search for an opportunity to price match you can save your customer money and put them into a better quality tire.

So this month I once again ask that you track your sales and submit your tracking sheets to me at the end of the month… However this month I will reward the top 5 Service Advisors, and Kelly tires will be worth only 1 point, while ALL other program brands will be worth 2 points. Please see attachment for details and let me know if you have any questions. As always thank you for all that you do! Let me know if you have any questions.



Hey, Hi, and Hello!

I have a WINNER to announce for the month of August!!!!!!!!!… (click here for details on the August incentive.)

I am proud and happy to say the Service Advisor that sold the most tires during the month of August is Felicia Collins of Avis Ford! Congratulations Felicia!!

Felicia is such a knowledgable, positive person and has a great outlook and attitude, and if I had to guess I would say those attributes are what really helps her build a great customer base and earn her customer’s trust and business.

I met with Felicia not too long ago and she was kind enough to answer my tire questions and allow me to share her answers with all of you! So please take a look below, and again congratulations Felicia! Great job!


Felicia Collins of AVIS FORD 


“Paying attention to the details like the tire size during a walk around inspection can save you a lot of time if you notice the tires are worn or damaged because you can start pricing out tires for the customer right away.”

How long have you been a Service Advisor? 2 years

How long have you been employed by AVIS FORD? 5 years

On average how many tires do you sell per month? I sell around 60 tires per month.

Walk me through a tire sale from the moment you discover a customer needs tires.

Our technicians will bring me the customer’s multi-point inspection form and inform me of any issues with the customer’s tires. I make note of the current tire make and model on the vehicle and then I will search for that specific tire on Tire Sales Tool. If it is available I will write up a full quote that includes Price Matching, any rebates available, and if available I will include the Employee Discount. I will then present that quote to the customer. If they are not happy with the tire I quoted out then I will go and price out Good, Better, and Best options for them to compare. The majority of the time they like the tires that were on their vehicle and they go with my first quote.

Do you price match every tire you sell?

Yes! I cannot think of time in the past 2 years where I have not price matched a tire.

Do you register DOT codes?

I do not register DOT codes. Our parts department register’s our DOT codes.

Do you submit price matching claims?

No, I only print the competitor’s price off the of their website. Then I give that paperwork to the parts department and from there the parts department uploads the claims.

Any advice for a new Service Advisor or any advice for a Service Advisor who is not succeeding at selling tires?

I would say staying organized is key. Plus, paying attention to the details like the tire size during a walk around inspection can save you a lot of time if you notice the tires are worn or damaged because you can start pricing out tires for the customer right away. Lastly, being honest and pleasant with the customer and treating your customers with respect makes a huge difference and helps to build a long lasting relationship with them.

What is your favorite tire brand?

I personally love Goodyear! I have Goodyear tires on my vehicle now and I am very pleased with the way they have performed. Goodyear is the most popular brand amongst our customers too; It’s a name brand that everyone knows, they offer great incentives on their products, and generally speaking people are very happy with their Goodyear tires.

Tire Tracking Incentive : Part 3. (SEPTEMBER 2016)


Part 3 of our Tire Tracking Incentive is here and it is AWESOME!

Want to know why?!

This month (September 2016) the grand prize that will be awarded to the Service Advisor that sells and earns the most points is an iPAD MINI 4!!!!!

Other than that SUPER exciting news, this incentive is the same as Part 1 and Part 2. You still must track your tire sales and missed opportunities (if you have any). Please use the PDFs below. Then you turn your sheets in to me at the end of the month. (Easy Peasy!!!)

By now I hope that those of you participating in these incentives have found tracking your sales and missed opportunities to be just a normal part of your day and relatively easy to do! For anyone who is just joining in on the fun visit my recent post announcing the June and July winners. The winners and runner-up from those 2 months were soooooo kind to share their best practices and tips on selling tires in that write-up! AND… for more information on why tracking and measuring is important visit this post from July.


SEPTEMBER 2016 MISSED OPP Tracking sheet


Please feel free to comment or ask questions below!

P.S. Part 3 is the final installment of the Tire Tracking Incentive Series. In October I will be changing it up.